‘Great ideas, collaboration, teamwork’

Any company can say it cares about its employees. “Our people are our most important asset,” chief executives might say, and frequently do. Some really mean it. Many do not.

The truth is found in what employees say. When they proudly tell anyone who will listen, “I love working here because I’m a valued part of a winning team doing important work,” you’ve got something special. Those employees bring their best to the business and its customers, and set it apart from the competition.

As a corporate communicator, it’s my job to work with business leaders to make that happen. It all begins with understanding there’s a lot more to a job than earning a paycheck.

Great companies challenge their employees with meaningful work on a relevant mission, equip them with the tools and resources they need to deliver their best, offer them a voice in making things better, and reward them with recognition and new, even more challenging opportunities.

In corporate speak, I am a passionate advocate for creating a differentiating employee experience and building employee engagement through simple, credible, coordinated and consistent communication and dialogue. I believe that’s how companies win. I believe successful communication between the workplace and its workers is candid and purposeful.

In regular people talk, I am a corporate communications guy trying to make a measurable difference for generally large, industry-leading companies. I’m an innovative, strategic thinker, writer, leader and roll-up-your-sleeves teammate looking for a better way to engage employees and drive business results. I don’t believe in the status quo. I do believe in great ideas, collaboration and teamwork.

Specialties: Internal communications, employee engagement, HR communication, internal branding, intranet (strategy and content), communications strategy, executive communication, team building and leadership, writing, editing.