One of my favorite Instagram posts of all time

One of my final projects at Cargill was a video series called Leaders in Cars Getting Lunch (shamelessly borrowed from Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee). I rode around Minneapolis, Minn., in the back seat of a Town Car with six of the company’s 10 Executive Team members (four others were interviewed in Europe and Asia), talking with them about changes to the company and their businesses, and their vision for the future. I also posed a handful of questions intended to make them laugh, and maybe squirm a little bit — so Cargill employees could see their personalities in action.

This is a screen capture from the first video. That’s me on the left and Cargill CFO Marcel Smits on the right. One of us must have said something humorous.

DMac here. Some of our best conversations happen in a car, right? Check out this new video series to help you get to know know the Exec Team better — Leaders in Cars Getting Lunch. It’s out on Cargill Connects. Then go to Yammer to tease Marcel about his pumpkin-carving obsession.

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